EU THC Releaf Repair Cream 1:1



EU THC Releaf Repair Cream 1:1

Buy EU THC Releaf Repair Cream 1:1 Online. Ultra Calming Relief. Papa & Barkley’s 1:1 Releaf Repair Cream is a therapeutic, fast-absorbing, light botanical cream, ideal for your face and neck.

Dose: Start with One pump (1 tsp).
Cannabinoids: ~300mg per 30ml bottle
Ingredients: Fresh-pressed Rosin, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Mango Seed Oil.

Formulated to hydrate and rejuvenate sensitive areas, this topical blends fresh-pressed cannabis rosin with natural ingredients to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Available in 30ml bottle.


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