Fortified White Whale CBG Delta 8 Hemp Flower



Fortified White Whale CBG Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Buy Fortified White Whale CBG Delta 8 Hemp Flower Online Europe. If Captain Ahab tried IHF’s White Whale hemp flower, we bet he’d feel a whole lot calmer. Unlike most of our premier strains, this hybrid has two of the rarest hemp cannabinoids. In addition to a dousing of delta 8 THC, White Whale is well-known for above-average CBG percentages. The combination of these lesser-known cannabinoids creates a unique smoking experience that every cannasseur must try.

~ 1:1 Ratio CBG:Delta-8
18.7% Total Cannabinoids
<0.3% THC

People who are fascinated by “alternative cannabinoids” will enjoy the novelty of IHF’s fortified delta 8 White Whale. Who knows, maybe this beluga will become your favorite bud!

White Whale is one of those strains everyone has to try. Since CBG is such a rare cannabinoid, it’s still unknown how it works. While scientists know CBG is the precursor to THC and CBD, everyone who takes this cannabinoid has a slightly different experience. Overall, you should expect White Whale to help with relaxation, making it ideal for use after dinner.

New delta 8 tokers should only take one puff of this strain and wait at least 15 minutes to gauge its effects. Please never operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle after using one of IHF’s delta 8 products.


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