High Premium CBD CO2 Oil Cartridge


THC: 24%  CBD: 56%


High Premium CBD CO2 Oil Cartridge

High Premium CBD CO2 Oil Cartridge  from POP Naturals. Total active cannabinoids: 80%
THC: 24%  CBD: 56%. The cannabinoids are CO2 extraction. Seems to produce an oil that is much easier to inhale with no harshness.

High Premium CBD CO2 Oil Cartridge

This product is technically solvent-free. Which means it does not contain any traces of butane, alcohol, glycol. Doesn’t mean that the oil is without the use of solvents during the manufacturing process.

The POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil comes packaged in two available cartridge sizes 1 gram. I went with the .5 gram cartridge which cost me a donation of just $35, a steal for lab-tested concentrate with as many cannabinoids and terpenes as this product has (more on that shortly).

All POP Naturals CO2 oils are lab tested by SCLabs, a cannabis research and lab-testing facility based in southern California. This particular batch of medicine is derived from ACDC, a strain of cannabis that is known to test high in CBD (typically a 1:1 ratio or more).


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