KPEN v1 CBD Infusions Vape Cartridges



KPEN v1 CBD Infusions Vape Cartridges

Buy KPEN v1 CBD Infusions Cartridges Online – Kurvana (1g – 2 strains).

Banana Smoothie – Go bananas with our CBD-infused Banana Smoothie! Enjoy the sweet, tropical flavor and mouth-watering aroma. This hybrid strain can assist in alleviating discomfort without a strong sedative effect. Banana Smoothie will satisfy you with ease as you carry out your daily tasks. KPEN v1 CBD Infusions Vape Cartridges.

Triple-Lab Tested & Pharmaceutical Grade

  1. Highly Potent
  2. Proper Dosing
  3. No Glycols/PG/PEG or Additives
  4. Convenient & Easy Vaping

Sunset Tea – Enjoy a soothing serenity only Sunset Tea can create. With lovely lavender blossoms, white cucumber tea, and summer rose, this indica-dominant OG blend immerses you in a floral tea harmony. Sunset Tea is a high-CBD strain ideal for relaxation, various symptom relief or insomnia.


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