YK Drops Wicked Apple 1000mg THC



YK Drops Wicked Apple 1000mg THC

Buy YK Drops Wicked Apple 1000mg THC Online. Something Wicked has come to YK Drops. We infused these drops with 1000mg of broad-spectrum THC and gave them a mouthwatering green apple flavor that will make you want to skip the candy this year.

Don’t let this high THC formula give you a fright. Make sure you start low and know your dose before using.
Please be advised that at higher doses, heavy sedation and psychoactive effects may be experienced with this high THC formula.

Bottle Contains ~ 1000mg THC
Serving (1ml) Contains ~ 33.33mg THC
Bottle Contains ~30 servings

How to Use: Shake well. Drop the desired dose under your tongue. Let sit for 15-20 seconds to work its magic.
Enjoy the green apple flavor… and swallow. Now, what is it they say about an apple a day?
Actual cannabinoid content may vary by the bottle. Please refer to lab results located on the outer box.


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